Hello all, I'm Ayako based in Tokyo.

When I was a high school student, I loved reading novels and studying world history. Since then, I’ve wanted to see beautiful sceneries and historical heritages with my own eyes. After entering a college, I spent my summer and spring vacations traveling around the world.


I started my first blog on blogger to write down my thoughts about the places and cultures I visited, tying to memorize it and share with my family and friends. I named my blog “colorful world”, simply because I loved colorful pictures.

This is a travel and lifestyle blog as the title and the description refer to. Because I enjoy traveling at the spot,  I sometimes don’t take too many photos while I travel. In this blog, I try to write down only about positive feeling and things what I found during my travel and daily life.

This page is all about my blog history.

Me & My Blog 



This blog all begins with this year. Just before the entrance to the University, there was a big earthquake which impressed me in any means.



In March, just before my graduation from a university, I created my Wordpress account called "colorfulworld2015" In April, I started a job as a web content editor in a small publishing company where I had been doing an internship since the senior. My job was to create contents or foreign visitors to Japan. When I was out of work, I wanted to keep blogging.



In February, my senior in my company gave me a Nikon with a book about "photography as job”. This brought me a world of photography. Though it required a lot of lot of new skills and knowledge, bringing this camera with me both for my work and my hobbies were just simply fun.


In April, with a lot of help of my close friend, I started to own my domain “colorful-world” and opened my first custom domain blog using Wordpress.  After traveling a lot in summer because I have roughly two months break for the next company, I joined a new web marketing agency in September, and started working as a web director. Acquired new knowledge of general web skills such as coding and editing that are required the use of CSS and html,  I purchased a new wordpress theme so that I can create my favorite design. I updated a favicon a theme photo that have been used until now. A bilingual switcher was also introduced for the first time in my blog.



In March, I bought the Fuji film X-E1, again with a lot of help of my friend. April - I bought macbook. My first trip with this camera was for Shodoshima, in Japan and South Korea.


However, although taking photos when I walk and travel was fun, writing and posting blogs were becoming a little burden. Influenced by my own job, I sometimes felt that I should consider more about SEO considering about blog's target. I even tried to publish a guidebook-like content instead of simple blog post. Also, I had a feeling that I should describe every details of what I saw and heard during my travel. As a result, I wrote a draft in my Evernote, but never published outside. Somehow, I couldn’t simply enjoy blogging this year ironically.



During winter and spring, I was very anxious where to go and what to do in the future. I was becoming never satisfied with my job. After a long consideration period, I moved to a human resource agency as a marketer  In May, where I’ve been working until now. During this year, traveling and photograph weren’t my interest anymore. I was more interested in my career. Because it was my first career that I found it was the thing that I wanted to, I wanted build my strong career as the first step more than anything else.



This year changed something my life. In summer, I went to a yoga retreat in Thailand where I found a new hobby: Ashtanga yoga. In September, I moved to Tokyo and started living by myself. Busy days were prolonged due to a hard work at a company. I have been quite far from my own website. I was searching for things I want to do in my life. Although the career was going very well and my work was quite successful, I lost work-life balance due to a long-hour working. After got used to working as a marketer, I wanted to balance of work-and life balance, however, I still did't know what I want to do in my private time. Out of work, I was doing nothing except for going to a gym to take a class. Having gone to a yoga retreat and start living alone were maybe a good trigger but I was still searching for my hobbies that I really love.



All of a sudden, a quarantine life started in the end of February, and in April, everywhere in Japan was under the emergency declaration due to the covid 19. More details about how my way of thinking and lifestyle are written in this post, but at least I can say this here, this season was the biggest trigger both for my life and my blog. During a quarantine, I restarted this blog again and since then, Ive been regularly writing in this blog! In July, I move to Squarespace from Wordpress, where I can easily post and design. In October, I purchased a new camera, Sony RX-100 First generation and sold a Fuji film X-E1. Thanks to my new Sony camera, now I’m very happy to bring this tiny but very functional camera.

At the same time, this year, I was looking for my new hobby. Ashtanga Yoga and hiking became my new hobby. In December, I bought a DJI Pocket 2 as a video shooting tool.



Ashtanga Yoga and hiking became truly my hobby. I regurally go to Ashtanga Yoga class on the week, and go to hiking on the weekend. New hobby: shooting videos and editing clips! Inspired by many cinematic vlogs on Youtube, I started creating YouTube movies.