• Ayako

Ashikaga Trip: beautiful wisteria


My friend and I went to Ashikaga flower park on the final day of the golden week. Ashikaga flower park is famous for Fuji (wisteria), which blooms in the beginning of May. Last year, we knew about this park already, but decided to go and see Shibazakura (moss pholx) in Tatebayashi Flower Park instead. This year, we found that these parks were pretty close to each other, although each park is near to the different stations on different lines (Tatebayashi Station is on the Tobu Railway, and Ryomo Station from which we went to Ashikaga park is on the JR Ryomo Line). So, If you want to fully enjoy both spring flowers in one day, you can go both on the same day by using taxi or your own vehicle.

In the previous post, I said that my shooting skill had increased very much. However, I have to admit that taking photos of wisterias was just so difficult. My skill wasn’t good enough to shoot a better balance of white and violet. Here are some “better” photos of wisterias.

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