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Azaleas, Nezu Shrine in Spring


It was in winter when I went to the Nezu Shrine for the first time. I heard that this shrine was famous for its azaleas, so we went there in spring again. Since Nezu Station was already crowded, we soon noticed that the atmosphere was very different from when we went before. I remembered that there was nobody except for us and it was very quiet at that time. In spring, the shrine was very noisy and more crowded than I expected. However, what surprised me more were the colorful azaleas than the people.

Until then, I thought that azaleas were ordinary flowers which were easily found in my daily life. When we were in kinder garden, we often played with them. We picked up an azalea, and got rid of a stamen and a pistil from it. Then, we put the calyx into our mouths to taste the sweet nectar of flower. How nice it was! Now, not only children but also many adults were trying to witness the pink fresh azaleas blooming – only watching, not eating anymore.

It’s really nice that I have four seasons to enjoy here in Japan. When flowers bloom colorfully, I usually become a little excited. In my daily life, I always want to find a tiny happiness which might be too small that I can’t discover unless I try to look for very carefully.


It was very crowded in the shrine


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