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Cycling in Tateyama

We went to Tateyama by JR local line. Tateyama is located on the edge of Chiba prefecture (on the edge of Bo-so Peninsula). We heard that we could do a rental-cycling there, so we decided to spend our Sunday in Tateyama.Cycling.

It was an amazing way of sightseeing. We could see almost everything in Tateyama. Visited some temples and a shrine, climbed up to the top of a lighthouse, saw ocean… colorful flowers including cherry blossoms were very beautiful. In Tateyama, there were no train lines but local buses. It would be very difficult to travel if you didn’t have any cars.

So, to do a rental-cycling in Tateyama was a nice choice for us. It was shortly after that we knew that the train was late and that we had to wait for the next train which would come one hour later. So we asked the staff at the sightseeing information center about a nice cafe which is nice to stay and close to the station. She kindly told us about the best cafe which was just in front of the station.

Without my expectation, inside the cafe were full of people. (Since only a few people were waiting at Tateyama station, I didn’t think there were such a lot of people in the cafe!) Pancakes looked very tasty, however, they were already sold out. So we just ordered two piece of cakes and cups of coffee.So, we had the great Sunday in Tateyama, where probably most foreigners won’t choose for a destination during their traveling in Japan. However, today, I confirmed that more and more are still left to be discovered in a place -especially in a “country side”- in Japan.

Even in a small city, you can touch and feel Japanese culture by seeing small cultural and natural things: shrine, temple, ocean and field.

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