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Fall has come in Mt. Daibosatsu

Last day, my mom and I went hiking in Mt. Daibosatsu in Yamanashi Pref. At the end of August, both of us went to Mt.Tateshina when I had a stomachache all day. Due to that, I wasn’t motivated to take any photos during the hike last time. This time, I felt better. The view from the road on the ridge was authentic, and luckily, climbers could see Mt. Fuji at every resting point in the mountain. Here are some photos I took with my iPhone.

We left home at 4:45 am, and started hiking at 8 am. We soon realized that fall has already come in this mountain.

As I said, we could see Mt. Fuji from every viewpoint in the mountain. And we took a photo of it at every place as we were afraid of Mt.Fuji would be covered by a cloud very soon. However, the more we climbed higher, the more we could see the Mt. Fuji.

It was still 10 am when we arrived at the top of the mountain. Many people have already climbed up, and they were resting and eating snacks sitting on rocks. Though it was a little early to have lunch, we decided to have a lunch break. My mom got up far earlier than me in the morning so that she could prepare a special lunch box for us.

Mt. Fuji was still in front of us, and we could eat Onigiri and some dishes viewing Mt. Fuji. All the climbers were looking at the same directions, where the sky was blue and the forests were lighting reflecting the sunshine.

This one-day short trip occurred to me that summer was leaving us, and fall was slowly coming around us. It was maybe the first time that I felt the sound of fall this year. The more I become older, the more I realize the loneliness and slight happiness when a season is changing.

During the hike, I was thinking about how I would decorate the greenery interior for my room and which topics would be the next in my blog. How nice it was to walk in nature without thinking about any complicated tasks nor any stressful strings I have in my daily life.


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