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Kyoto, Aoimatsuri



On May 15th, I had an opportunity to attend the Aoimatsuri (Aoi Festival) which is one of Kyoto's three most famous festivals. In this festival, people in traditional costumes walk along the street from the Imperial Place in Kyoto to Kamigamo Shrine. This day, not only Japanese but also foreign visitors were enjoying a large parade, which was held in the morning.


To be honest, the people on horses looked tired or not motivated at all; maybe because of the hot weather or just because they were bored of walking such a long way.


According to my sister, who studies in Kyoto, many students participate in this festival as their part time jobs. She also remembered me that in the beginning of the novel "鴨川ホルモー(Kamogawa-Horumo)”, a main character, "Abe", was participating in the Aoimaturi as his temporary part time job.

In addition, after I searched about Aoimatsuri on wikipedia, I surprisingly got to know that the scenery of Aoimatsuri also appeared in "源氏物語 (Genji-Monogatari, The tale of Genji)", which was one of the most famous historical novels in the Heian Period in Japan. In this old novel already, a main character, "光源氏 (Hikaru Genji)", and his young wife "紫の上 (Murasakinoue)" talked about festivals and they went to see a festival outside the palace.


If you don't mind standing for an hour (to see the parade from the beginning to the end, standing in the same place for an hour is recommended), this festival is a great opportunity to see Japanese traditional costumes from the Heian Period.


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