• Ayako

Nemophila, The Blue Field


You can go to Hitachi seaside park by train from Ueno Station in about 90 minutes. After you arrive, go straight to the Nemophila area. Under the blue sky, you can see the amazing blue Nemophila field.

Before I went to the park, I checked about this park on the internet and saw some photos of Nemophila field. They all looked so beautiful that I believed they were fake.But witnessing it with my own eyes was beyond my expectation, it was truly amazing and fantastic. I couldn't believe that I was in Japan.

On my way back home, in the train, I saw a whole view with Mt.Tsukuba which reflected the sunshine from the West. I said "it's beautiful" to a guy who was sitting next to me. His hobby was painting sceneries around the Japan. He takes trains to go to the place where he likes to stop by to paint a picture of scenery, he said.During my travel abroad, sometimes I talked to someone, or someone talked to me. But it was my first time that I met someone and talked about destinations while I was on the train in Japan.


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