• Ayako

One Day Trip to Kamakura and Zushi

Since we had two Seishun 18 tickets left, we went to Kamakura and Zushi on Saturday. In Kamakura, we had lunch with my grandparents. They brought us to the secret place (It was a small local Izakaya that probably only local people know) which offers a nice Azhi Teishoku (a set of Japanese style meal, main dish was sliced horse mackerel). It was such a big meal set and the best tasty sliced horse mackerel ever.After lunch, we head to Zushi, which was one station away from Kamakura Station. We went to a cafe nearby the coast, where we searched about the day before that day. They offered nice view of ocean of Zushi and nice cakes.

Although these towns are very famous sightseeing places, what we have done there was pretty daily thing: had lunch and went to a cafe. However, with a ticket that allows us to get on and off the local JR trains freely, we could spend a nice holiday in both Kamakura and Zushi. It was such a nice day.


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