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Run&Shooting with Sony’s RX100

In October 2020, I purchased a compact camera, Sony’s RX100, but haven’t posted about it until now. With this very light camera, I went to Kyoto and more several places taking many pictures without considering the battery life of my phone.

Thanks to this camera, now I can shoot anything whenever I want. I can hold it not only during a trip but also while I walk and run.

When I run, I always come across beautiful scenes. Sometimes they are seen from a bridge, on the road, or in the park. But whenever these moments came out, unluckily, I didn’t have a camera to capture them. However, the lightness and smallness of this camera allows me to run with it.

Here are some photos I took during my running around the home.

Though it wasn’t the first time to hold it, I struggled with the equipment today. A difference between a manual focus and an autofocus mode did I learned.

Capturing the moon has been difficult until today as a digital zoom had a limit in terms of closing up. However, this camera had me direct it to the sky naturally, where I saw the target very clearly.

At the halfway point, where was the end of the road alongside the river, I could see the colorful sky. The gradation of colors was difficult to describe in words but absolutely invaluable one. No matter how technology develops in processing of software, it is still hard to shoot colors as we see with our own eyes. Probably, professional photographers might use editing tools after taking photos as raw, but I don’t do that here.

Photos uploaded here are all taken out from the SD card, and not a single color adjustment was applied to them.

Well, I’m not a big fan of a cat. But this time, he/she was a great target to practice as they would move without photographer’s anticipation. Last two photos were taken in dark but a plane was flying nicely and she/he was glancing at the lens very sharply.

It is always difficult to capture the moment I really want to shoot with a perfect camera setting. P mode is a very convenient setting for me so far.

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