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The moment when I feel I’m in between winter and spring

It’s been a while since I uploaded the last vlog. The control stick of my DJI Pocket 2 has been out of order. It was fallen to the ground due to a strong wind while I was capturing time-lapse last week. DJI repaired it quickly and gave me even a box of a control stick.

When I re-connected the Pocket with its app, I randomly noticed that I could control the speed of control stick movement. I didn’t know that! What a shame.

Now I can go anywhere with this camera.

By the way, I like the word “三寒四温” that describes the transition of the season from winter to spring. Four warm days come after three cold days, and again, four warm days come after three cold days passed. This is how spring is coming.

One day, the sun was so dazzling when I opened the door of my apartment. It’s hard to see enough sunlight while I work from home, especially in a small apartment in Tokyo. Every time I come across this situation, I always miss the time when I was working in the office. The spacious floor was blight as the windows of the building were very large.

The last day when I was going back home from an Ashtanga yoga class in the morning, I felt the quality of coldness has become changed slightly. In winter, both air and wind were cold, but this day, the air was warmer than the wind. It was the moment when I felt I was in between winter and spring.

Feeling a season staying at home has been key for me since the quarantine started. I ordered a painting to be replaced from the winter scenery illustration on my desk. The new frame will arrive in two weeks. Now I have something that I can happily wait for.

These photos were taken in Ikegami Plum Garden, Tokyo.

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