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Tokaido Walk Day 26, Suzuka Toge to Mikumo


Thanks to my mom, who dried my pants and shoes with a hair dryer the day before, we departed at 7:40 am immediately after we had breakfast in the guest house. The road on the mountain was a little dangerous as it was wet. We had to be careful while we walked. The road was not so steep as in Hakone, and we soon arrived at the top of the mountain called "Suzuka Toge".


On the way, we came across an old guy, who we thought we had met before on the Tokaido. Well, when we walk, we sometimes meet someone again on the way. Today, a couple was walking in front of and behind us. Sometimes they appeared ahead of us. Sometimes they appeared behind us.


We dropped by the Michino-Eki (road's station) and bought some food for our lunch. It wasn't noon yet, and it was too early to have lunch. Soon after we entered a residential area, we found a small park in front of a temple. It was quiet outside. We decided to stay there to eat our lunch. The view in front of the park made me feel that the season was in the middle of winter. Onigiri that we got at Michino-eki tasted nice. I realized that my body became colder than I thought.


Although I didn't drink too much water, I often wanted to go to a restroom. The road was just peaceful. One way inside from highway no.1, there were thatched houses along the road. We noticed people in some houses, but in most cases, there are no lively atmosphere in the houses.

An opened landscape and the slow slope that we were walking made us feel we were getting closer Kyoto. The view in front of our eyes made us feel that we were in the middle of a basin.


I forgot that the day was actually the Christmas Eve. Maybe the city was crowded with people under lights, I thought. However, only two of us were walking under the winter sky, without any people's voices nor Christmas songs.

The wind was becoming stronger a little bit. We finished walking at Mikumo Station today.


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