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Tokaido Walk Day19, Toyohashi to Motojuku



On the second day, we started from the point where we finished on the last day. In the morning, it was rainy and we had to wear a raincoat. When we crossed the river, we could see Toyohashi Castle over the river.

When we were walking on the highway, children with sedge hat s were walking along. Where are they coming from and where are they heading for? Are they walking on a part of the Tokaido? After crossing the long land bridge, we found a convenience store. Near the store, we found a nice hidden place where we could rest and have lunch in a parking lot. Usually, we don't sit and eat in parking lots, but there is always an exception while we walk on Tokaido.


On the road of pine trees (pine trees are what we often find on Tokaido as I explained in previous posts), we found a cozy cafe which was recently opened.


When we were looking inside of an old house called "Ohashiya", which has been used as an inn since 20 years ago , we heard drum sounds outside, and saw people gather on the street. It seemed like daimyo procession in Akasaka Shuku. Actually, it was one of two famous festivals in this area.


On the road, a paddy which was around when rice reaping, offered an autumnal color. I was becoming tired a little bit in the evening on the second day. When we were walking along the highway, sticky plants got stuck on our clothes and they were hard to get rid of.

Although Chiryu-Shuku wasn't located on the way (we will pass there in next tour), we headed to Chiryu Station where our hotel was located. Out tour ended that day, and we were going to walk more than about 10 km after the day.


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