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Tokaido Walk Day 20 Motoshuku to Okazaki



We walked again from Motojuku to Oakazaki. Probably because I've recently started Yoga, I was totally good at walking on the 1st and 2nd day. However, on the 3rd day in the morning already, I felt pain in my legs and couldn't walk so fast. However, my mom was still energetic and she kept going forward far in front of me. We droppped by a temple and sat down for a while.

In front of or sometimes on the back of us, an old man was walking in the same direction. Bringing a map, he was asking people the way to go. He must have been a Tokaido Walker, too.

After arriving near Okazaki Station, we finally entered an Unagi restaurant to grab our lunch. There was good smell from the restaurant even outside, and it seemed the restaurant is one of famous and popular ones around the area. Unagi would have been served in Nagoya style if we had ordered Hitshumabushi, but we each had an Una-Jyu that we often have in Tokyo.

Before we finished our walking, we stopped by Okazaki castle park near Okazaki Station. It was the place where the Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu was born. Inside the castle, there was an exhibition on the history of the castle and Okazaki Shuku. On the top of the floors, we could command a view of Okazaki castle park and the area around.


There were no ocean, no special roads, no traditional or historical heritages, nor any big rivers on the way this time. However, we could see two local festivals, and we truly felt autumn was just around the corner although we would have humid days to go.

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