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My final decision before jumping to iphone15 | Tokyo GRⅢ #01

This post is nothing but just telling my camera history last two years.

Past two years, I’ve used more than 9 types of cameras.

In 2020 autumn, I decided to sell my Fujifilm XE-4, and bought a new camera: iPhone SE2. However, after taking some photos, I realized how I loved photos taken by cameras not by a phone. So I did another shopping; I got a new compact camera RX100.

Inspired by several cinematic vlogs on YouTube, I decided to buy a new camera, DJI pocket 2 for creating some videos for my YouTube channel. At the same time, I kept using RX100 as a photography tool.

However, here comes an another problem. I became wanting to take videos even with cameras not with a small gadget: DJI pocket 2. DJI was very useful and I really loved it but when you want to take close objectives such as flowers, it was a little difficult to check if I the objective was taken correctly. So, I got another camera: ZV-1. At this time, I had 3 cameras; RX100, ZV-1, DJI Pocket 2(plus iPhone SE technically speaking).

The new camera ZV-1’s problem was that it was hard to switch from camera mode to video mode by one click. For a content creator like me, both shooting videos and take pictures within the same camera was very important. And for me, the priority is how handy the gadget is to bring out. I needed a really light gadget to have.

So, I made a decision : I sold ZV-1 and RX100 and got RX100M6. However, after using it for a month, I realized that startup time was very slow. For me, who frequently hike and wants to bring cameras to the mountain, that was a big issue.

By the way, during that time, I rent three cameras.

Sony α7C - which was better (lighter) than I expected. But too expensive, you know… RICOH GR - The first impression: don’t know where to push ( I was used to Sony’s camera, and needed some time to get used to different company’s cameras) Fujifilm X100V - Disappointing. Looked cheaper than its actual cost. Heavier than its functions.

After a short consideration, I sold RX100M6 and instead bought the GR3. At the same time, I knew that iPhone SE had a great ability to shoot beautiful clips on videos especially in micro mode.

Here is my final chapter.

I have three cameras : DJI Pocket 2 for moving videos, iphone SE for closer videos and RICOH GR3 for photos. In conclusion, to have what I really like was the best choice. I knew Sony’s compact camera was functionally excellent in some points of views, however, they simply couldn’t fit my style.

So far, I loved DJI Pocket 2 and never complained anything about it. I’m getting along with this tiny camera GR3 as I can set camera setting with my only right hand. That’s great!

iPhone13 seems offering nice cinematic mode for video shooting. However, the quality of photography is still far behind of GRⅢ, I think. 1 year or 2 years to come till I get iPhone #15 or more? Till then, I will keep using DJI and GR3 (and iPhone SE if needed) for content creation!

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